Our purpose

The blockchain industry needs trust-minimized interoperability

The future of the crypto landscape is leaning towards a multi-chain paradigm with an increased focus on modular designs like appchains and rollups. The growing number of blockchains emphasizes the need for an interoperability standard to facilitate communication between them. While PoA bridges and multi-sig solutions offer temporary solutions, a more permanent, decentralized option is needed.

A protocol like Interblockchain Communication (IBC) is essential, using light client header verification for native state verification between chains, eliminating the need for centralization and trust in third parties. Contrary to a common misconception, IBC is not limited to Tendermint chains in the Cosmos and is being developed for Ethereum and other platforms.

The launch of IBC Summit

Recognizing that there was a gap in the crypto events circuit for IBC-related content, we launched IBC Summit with the goal of connecting builders, investors and enthusiasts in the IBC community. The global event series aims to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing to inspire further innovation in blockchain interoperability.

IBC Summit is a community event held multiple times a year in diverse locations around the globe. If you are interested in hosting an IBC Summit, please reach out to operations@ibcsummit.org!

Open IBC

OpenIBC funds and contributes to open source work on IBC and supports other initiatives aimed at extending IBC throughout the blockchain ecosystem. IBC Summit is proud to collaborate with OpenIBC as we push the industry towards greater decentralization and security.

Connecting web3.