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Talks, workshops, panels, and hackathons bringing together the brightest minds building on Inter-Blockchain Communication.

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Our Mission

Connect and unify all blockchains with one neutral interoperability protocol, IBC

Community Values


Community is at the heart of IBC Summit. We are a global network of like-minded people working together to bring IBC interoperability to life. We believe community leads the way.


We're proud to be community-funded, directing all resources to advance interoperability through IBC, a neutral, community-maintained standard, not a VC-backed startup product.

Non-Commercial Public Good

We're here to make a difference, not a dollar. IBC Summit operates as a non-commercial entity and ensures every initiative is in the best interest of the community.

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Our Partners

Co-Sponsorships by Top IBC Teams & Industry Leading Investors

IBC Speakers

Hear from the leaders, builders, and investors pushing to make IBC the industry standard for blockchain communication.

Bo Du
Co-Founder, Polymer Labs
Adrian Brink
Co-Founder, Namada
Hisashi Oki
Japan Lead, dXdY Foundation
Joshua Rivera
Operating Partner, Blockchain Capital
Balder Romans
CIO, Maven11
Swan Kim
Product Manager, Evmos
Peter Kim
Co-Founder, Polymer Labs
Arisa Toyo
Co-Founder, Cega
Clayton Menzel
Director of Protocol Strategy, Figment Capital
Barry Plunkett
Co-Founder, Skip Protocol
Thomas Dekeyser
Developer Advocate, Polymer Labs
Youbin Kang
Nonce Classic
CBDO, Aura Network
Sam Benyakoub
CEO, Node Guardians
Phil Hedayatnia
Co-Founder, AirFoil
Jin Kwon
Gorany Kim
Head of Marketing, Cosmostation
Bora Nam
Partnerships, Keplr Wallet
Clement Simon
Founding Partner, Interop Ventures
Josh Lee
Co-Founder, Osmosis Labs
Fabian Riewe
Founder, KYVE
Nicolas Pernas
Software Engineer, Polymer Labs
Derek Shiell
Development Lead, Polymer Labs
Wenwei Xiong
Founding Engineer, Polymer Labs
Jacob Arluck
Head of Strategy, Celestia Labs
Josh Bowen
CEO, Astria Labs
Philippe Laferrière
Senior Rust Engineer, Informal Systems
Sunny Aggarwal
Co-Founder, Osmosis Labs
Felix Lutsch
Strategic Advisor, Chorus One